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10 years of Madness!!!

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'' Sept.06.2018 Today! 10 Years of Madness!!!'' 

 31-05''-2018 Finally!As of today Moonspell Rites finally can call itself an Offical label,after heading for the Chamber of Commerce,and sign my label in as Moonspell Rites Productions!With the namechange,it means i will be focussing more on merchandise,releases of vinyl,CD's,shirts etc.and it's the end for the ''Promotions'' part coming to bands.So,no more interviews or reviews or anything related.We can be found on various different shopping sites like Bandcamp,Bigcartel,and Discogs.The Moonspell Rites Productions name will be featured on any kind of future releases'' 

''19-05-2018 Right now we offer you the possibility to head straight! to the download links in order to get hold of the both free digital compilations Moonspell Rites Promotions did.Get yours here:


10-20-2019 Here you can find the review (s) back from the latest Compilation.
Check out this great review done by La Noire Bestia Webzine. 

11-03-2019  Tracks of all 3 Compilations have been featured on Fist Of Satan666 Podcast.Featuring Ars Macabra, Decline Of The I, and Draugsang. 


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Established: Moonspell Rites Promotions est.sept.6th.2008

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Contact: Moonspell Rites Productions 
Danny Hoenderboom
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BIC/SWIFT: RABONL2U (International)

Bank account info.Iban: NL13RABO0316426334

Rabobank,Oost Achterhoek
Oude Winterswijkseweg 1

(Band/labels can send latest news/updates to the address above.)

Moonspell Rites Promotions,The True Eggfest.Metalfestival >

Ok, besides Metal Archives I also found this great link to the Creme de la Creme of Black Metal acts.


27-09-2016 French shoegaze,post-rock,black metal formation ALCEST just released the brandnew record Kodama/Prophecy Productions.Formed by Neige the band always sets new standards, and always brings the listener something exciting and new material without getting annoyed or boring.A real adventure in man's ears.The band dares to take steps into new directions,in which others call it a day.

Alcest - Music from another world.

Alcest was founded in the year 2000 by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Neige (aka. Stéphane Paut) and later joined by drummer Winterhalter (Jean Deflandre) in 2009. Labeled as post metal/shoegaze or “blackgaze”, Alcest were the pioneers within this genre, crafting a unique sound based on musical opposites from their very first EP “Le Secret” (2005), and thru their full length releases “Souvenirs D'Un Autre Monde” (2007), “Écailles De Lune” (2010) and “Les Voyages De L'Ame” (2012). In 2014 their fourth album “Shelter” was released, marking the band's departure from the more metal sound, in favor of dream-pop aesthetics, surprising and somewhat challenging their fan base. In retrospective, the album opened new doors for Alcest, bringing them an audience from different horizons and a positive sense of unpredictability as musicians.

25-09-2016 Get your Early Bird Ticket for Bloodstock Open Air 2017 here:

18-09-2016 DAMN! Seems missing something really good here.wish i could come over and visit this beautiful city,country and take the festival along with the trip.Prague,DeathMass.

Line-up 2016

Absu (USA)
Profanatica (USA)
Dark Sonority (Norway)
Archgoat (Finland)

Helheim (Norway) (feat.Hoest.Taake)
Irkallian Oracle (Sweden)
Abysmal Grief (Italy)
Occultation (USA)
Batushka (Poland)
Diabolicum (Sweden)
Sinmara (Iceland)
Misthyrming (Iceland)
Whoredom Rife (Norway)
20:11 (Czechoslovakia)
Slidhr (Ireland)
Shibalba (Greece)
Darvaza (Norway/Italy)
Lvthn (Belgium)
Lamia Vox (Russia)

Shrine of Insanabilis (Germany)
Sheol (United Kingdom)
Raventale (Ukraine)
Goat Torment (Belgium)
Ulvdalir (Russia)
Missed it out? Be sure to check out some live footage from the festival on Youtube! 
10-09-2016 70000Tons of Metal cruise 2017,NEWS! 'The world's biggest Heavy Metal Cruise'. 60 Bands, 4 Days, 1 Cruise Ship, and only 3000 Tickets. This is 70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise!

06-09-2016 Today we celebrate the 8th! anniversary since the birth of Moonspell Rites Promotions zine.Get in touch to gain a free copy (standard CD in jewel case )of a band of your choice.max. 3 copies for the giveaway.Send in your address and which album you want in your collection.To make things more interesting from both sides on, pick a band from one of the Moonspell Rites Promotions free digital download compilations released back in 2014 and 2015.'til :)

handmade patch for Moonspell Rites Promotions

19-08-2016 Fathomhell featured in Metalegion webzine. Head for the link to dowload the free digital webzine.


15-08-2016 Neseblod Store(Norway) has some great merchandise for you to explore,buy as running the Black Metal Musea. and Neseblod on Bigcartel
Great quality for decent prices.

-Tuska Open Air. 2016 ,Helsinki/Finland

Read the following report about Tuska Open Air,Helsinki 2016.'About 28 000 metal heads thought the same and gathered at Suvilahti in Helsinki between July 1-3. Friday greeted the black clad crowd with a hot summer day, not a cloud in the sky...'

29-07-2016  Mortal Scepter featured in Decibel Magazine.
We're streaming this metal monstrosity in its entirety below this morning, a little less than a week before its official release. Preorder your copy complete with metallic gold ink streaking across the gorgeous cover artwork here

24-07-2016 Moonspell Rites Promotions created a sub label entitled 'The True Eggfest>> Moonspell Rites Promotions.'This sub label will provide a 3-day fest.with national and international bands,press,photographers and much more.Metal,Hiphop,Rock, far as it seems the program has become so diverse,that there is something for everyone.Keep your eyes open,and check the Facebook profiles regularly.

Stay tuned...

The True Eggfest will occur once a year, as there are no dates set yet.However...we are working on contacting the bands, and it seems everything works out in our advantage.Looking forward to see you all appear on the festival which will take place in the Achterhoek,Netherlands.Eibergen/Neede,or close in the ereas.There of course will be place for a camping side,Motorcycle Motel in the erea, as diverse motorclubs will show up, to show the audience their cherished horse inside the tent.



02-05-2016 Soon available  in the Moonspell Rites Promotions bigcartel shop.The band scored some excellent reviews, as the record itself will persuade you more and more after more than one listening.Personally one oft the better albums of 2016.In the style of Agalloch.The album has been released through the Mexican label Throats Productions.Session drums was done by Forge Stone (ex-Amenta,Norse) at the Plaguewhore studio,Australia.

24-04-2016 Got both of these great classics in yesterday.Will be picked up for the the near future.
Siebenburgen released both of these classics back in 1997 (Loreia) and 1998 (Grimjaur).The released have re-issued on vinyl by Unborn Productions, under license from Napalm Records (2016).Siebenburgen played this theatrical vampyric Black Metal style with background female vocals and violins.

Mass Hypnosis on 2016 tourdates..keep track of it, cause more is to be expected.

15-04-2016 The Cult Never Dies story continuous.After the succesful start of the first range of books 'Evolution of the Cult ' and 'The Cult Never Dies Vol.1' by author Dayal Patterson, the follow up entitled 'Ínto the Abyss' has been released.

'The newest full-length book in the Black Metal Cult series, following on the good work in Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult and Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Vol. One. Designed to be read as either a separate work or as part of the series and presented with a somewhat more old school aesthetic to the previous two tomes.

Available as a standalone edition or as a box set, featuring a second (colour/gloss) with over 100 pages of photos, a patch, art prints, a deluxe box and numbered illustrated certificate.



- You don't have to register to make an order, it's optional.

- If using paypal you will be taken to the paypal site to add postage and see your total. At this point you can confirm and pay - don't worry, you haven't committed to buying until you actually then click to confirm payment.

- Postage is calculated by weight. As with most mail order, postage is usually cheaper per item when ordering more items.

- If anything isn't working for you or you prefer to pay directly just email

CULT NEVER DIES is a publishing house and clothing company specialising in materials relating to black and underground metal. We are publisher of Black Metal: Prelude to the Cult and Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume One and the official distributor of Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult. We also create and distribute a growing range of shirts, longsleeves and hooded sweatshirts, all of which are official, authorized and created in conjunction with the bands in question, which include Ulver, Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Sigh, Enthroned, Kampfar, Beherit and Manes.

-Seems Antaues (Black Metal miltia from France )also released some kind of perfume on the market.

-Barshasketh from Wellington (early) / Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (now) released the brilliant Ophidian Henosis in 2015, and appeared with a track on the 2nd free digital download compilation of Moonspell Rites Promotions last year.The record got released through the German  World Terror Comittee and Blut & Eisen.

The band is currently in search for locations in the U.S to do a tour/shows.
Ook voor Nederland zijn ze bereidt om in zalen op te treden, of eventueel bij festivals plaats te nemen.Neem a.u.b contact met de band op voor de eventuele details.Tip.Neem wat van de W.T.C bands mee als package Ascension  (m.Secrets of the Moon bandlid )en andere grote namen wie onder dit welkende naam staan.

24-03-2016 'It wouldn’t be a Blastfest without some Finns taking part. In addition to the usual lot of Sisu-sporting and austere visitors from the land of the thousand lakes, we this year also expect the horned and horny Horna. These purveyors of true Finnish black metal have been requested by many of you, and if you’re into the chaotic and passionate, you’re in for a thrill with these guys!' Blastfest.

Kristian 'Gaahl' Espedal will keep an exhibition on Blastfest from Thursday 'til Saturday on Blastfest, in which he will be present himself.Gaahl made an entrance to the Black Metal scene in the early nineties with the formation TRELLDOM.He made quite the impressions talking about his philosphy,and his point of seeing the world.Besides that he made quite the entrance to GORGOROTH,and especially the controversial 'Black Mass Krakow', which they had sheepheads in front of the stage , and nudity served on the cross on the background.Besides that he followed the academy of art, and held some exhibitions in the past already, as working along on some documentaries.Gaahl also appeared in the book of Peter Beste photography, which came with some pages of lines coming to the past of the Norwegian Black Metal scene.


An introduction to Kristian his gallery

'Kristian 'Gaahl' Espedal opening at Lysverket 16 February 2016'


20-03-2016 After the release of the 2 Moonspell Rites Promotions compilations which you can find the downloads back here
Some of the bands are available for gigs,tours etc.Pm us for an eventual co-operation for shows, bookings in Europe,U.S and Scandinavia at the Official Moonspell Rites Promotions Facebook page email us at

'After 2 fantastic Moonspell Rites Promotions compilations, bands are available for booking,live shows, and festivals.Some of the mentioned names .U.S,(location:Netherlands),Scandinavia, and rest of Europe.Japan might be possible for bands such as FORGOTTEN TOMB etc.Moonspell Rites Promotions 

- Which Metal,Pop,Rock -band do you wanna see on The True EGGFEST>>Moonspell Rites Promotions,which will take place (no dates confirmed yet) in the Achterhoek, between the borders of Eibergen/Neede (no location confirmed yet).3 days,4 marketstreets, and 5 stages (no confirmations yet).Sent in your list of bands,or the ones you really would like to see.Contactaddress: The True Eggfest>>Moonspell Rites Promotions is a continuation of Metalweide, which occured on the  Zwarte Cross fest.(Lichtenvoorde) inside De Schans and soil.

As good as confirmed.MARDUK (SE) with Erik Legion on Vocals, and with Peter Tagtren,and MORGAN (Oldtime warbrothers) on guitars,B-War on bassguitar,and Fredrik Andersson on drums.The complete 'Panzer Division Marduk' setlist.A half hour of intense Black Metal delivered your way.

Another special concept will be the 90's Gothic,Black Metal style for the Metalheads.Think about the era in which Cradle of Filth and Emperor broke through.Special guests will be a handful of French and Italian bands.As before the fest.some important Black Metal icons will walk over the field 2 days before, together with some of the Rock icons from the eighties to introduce the festival.Neseblod also will be present for The True MAYHEM.

Andy of Soror Dolorosa (FR) will keep a special lecture, after releasing 4 books .The band will give a set of 40,or 45 mins long.

Hell Militia (FR) is also as good as confirmed with Meyhnac'h on vocals.

Other names to be confirmed.NECROPHOBIC (SE/NL)w.the entire 'The Nocturnal Silence' set.Corpus Christii (POR), SETH (FR) with the entire l'e excellence lineup .

'' Motorcycle gangs.Park your bikes backstage inside the tent please''

Eibergen always kept their cityrights since even earlier than 1600, and always will.The papers and rights we own. (Hoenderboom,Somsen and Jolink,NORMAAL) The towns hide a large arrows of history coming to Witchtrails,Occultism, and Satanism.

22-02-2016 Open discussions about releases always will be there...non-paying and non-trading cumstomers will be hold higly in doubts in the future.Contracts nowadays tell nothing.After more than 7 years and only see 1 or 2 official contracts appear on Social Medias like Facebook i believe there are no solutions to such crimes.Verbal agreement is very difficult to prove, and most of the time court cases end up in very difficult and long fights which end up in no result.Contracts should be signed by both parties, and what is so difficult in signing a contract online with a digital pen.
'Policies delayed are policies denied, tomorrow never comes'.

-WOW! Can't wait for this release finally is out.I had the great honor in reviewing 'Cold rays and Grey waves' CD-R 2014 (self-financed) which got a great positive feedback from the audience.Ca. one more month to go if i have to believe the band, for its final release.The layout looks quite decent,and especiallly the digipak version looks killer.Go, and check them out folks...

Review done by me for Moonspell Rites Promotions

Preorder your copy immediately at their official label.

-Follow us on Radio Airplay as well. Latest track features Gasoline Guns from Ukrain (Feat. a GROMM member).Punk/Black Metal ala Carpathian Forest/Motorhead.

-It is always of great honor seeing bands promote Moonspell Rites Promotions back, like the way Leproseey does.Leproseey plays high technical Death Metal, with heavily influenced by Death and Deicide.The name Leproseey was taken from the album titletrack 'Leprosy' by Death.
Read an interview with her by following the link above.
-Now for sale/trade through Moonspell Rites Promotions as a bundle.TS/LP edition.

Slaughter Messiah (BE)bundle for sale TS/Size M (baseball design/tour 2015/2016), and 3 track mlp'Putrid Invokation’

Right now Moonspell Rites Promotions offers you a great deal.Slaughter Messiah bundle which includes a baseball design TS/M (from the tour 2015/2016),and a 3-track lp released in 2015,entitled 'Putrid Invokation', for only 45,- euro excl.shipping. Slaughter Messiah features Lord Sabathan (ex-Enthroned) on bassguitar,vocals.


Released through Go Fuck Yourself Productions,and Goat Kult Productions. 

Eventual trades are also for more details.

08-02-2015 Awesome.Check this KIRKEBRANN gem out, in shape of an amplifier(?)...

03-02-2016  Napalm Records released some old classics on modern vinyl, coming to coloured,splatter and black vinyl.Also,you might take the time to check out Back on Black recs.

31-01-2016  Such sad news for Wolf Throne Fest (France) loosing around 20.000 euro with the last fest. Read more

25-01-2016 Fortid-9 (IC/NO) scored the 5th position in the top-10 of 2015 with the zine Lost Souls Domain.

01-01-2016 Thanks for all the support in 2015. Danny/Moonspell Rites Promotions.Hopefully this year Moonspell Rites Promotions finally will release some physical copies, in shape of some excl.lp's.Quality,instead of quantity is an observance which we always lived, and will be lived up to.The releases will feature bands from the labels own digital releases.No releasedate set yet .

The last year Moonspell Rites Promotions released the 2nd free digital download entitled 'Darkened shades grown on Wintersoil' which you can download by following the next link. and

Coming to the top 10 of 2015, check the compilation 'Darkened shades...' all carefully selected through whole the year, and bands which scored high ranks in reviews.'nough said.

31-12-2015  Eibergen/Neede.Eggfest/Holland! Here we come...Marduk Panzer legion confirmed.Peter Tägtgren - Official on guitar, Erik legion on vocals.Morgan guitars .B-War for that matter whole the Panzer Division lineup.French fans/bands we welcome you !!! Andy from Soror Dolorosa (France) will keep a lecture, as releasing more than one book.Of course the band also will perform with a set,inspired by heavy Sisters of Mercy influences.

Other bands will be confirmed in the near future.

3 days,5 stages,and 4 marketstreets !!! Confirmed bands: Doctor Livingstone (FR),Hell Militia(FR)w.Meyna'ch on vocals,Sodom  from Germania (Persecution Mania-set),Marduk (SE),Necrophobic (SE/NL) with the entire 'The Nocturnal Silence' set,Peste Noire (FR),Glorior Belli (FR),Amesoeurs (FR),As Stormclouds Gather (GE),King Diamond (DEN/U.S),Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (GE),Paradise Lost (U.K),Blodarv(DEN),Amon-Deicide (w.Glen Benton on vocals),Forgotten Tomb (IT),ABORYM (IT),Ars Macabra (IT),SETH (FR) (Le Excellence-lineup and album),Corpus Christii (POR),Moonspell (POR),ANTAEUS (FR),SLAYER (U.S),MAYHEM (NO-with Sven (Maniac) on vox.and the entire 'De Mysteriis Dom Satanas'-set,Infestum (Belarus),Ancient Rites (BE)3-man lineup feat.the complete 'Blasfemia Eternal' set.Enthroned(BE)-Towards the Skullthrone of Satan set,Kreator (DE),Endstille (DE),Behemoth (PL) feat.the entire 'Pandemonic Incantations-set,Nehëmah (FR),Nachtmystium(U.S)w.Malefic on vocals.(entire set),Lunar Aurora (DE), Secrets of the Moon (DE),Katharsis (DE),Beherit (FIN),Impaled Nazarene (FIN),Moonsorrow (FIN),Behexen (FIN)...more bands from Finland to be announced..

Watain(SE)-Performing the complete first debut album in the original lineup.Each single band on the Black Metal stage will perform with a 30/45 mins.set,with some exceptions.The stages will be open whole day from 11:00 'til 01:00...more bands to be announced soon.

For the headstage:Megadeth (U.S),Slayer (U.S),Metallica (U.S),HOLE (U.S),King Diamond (DEN/U.S),Motorhead is still a question to be answered....more names announced soon..

Special guests.Vegard and Bard from Emperor,Phil 'Bruce' from Iron Maiden,Meyna'ch (William Roussel), Motorhead members Phil Campell and Mikkey Dee.Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth),Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir),Tom Araya (Slayer),Andy (Mütiilation,Soror Dolorosa).They will walk over the soil 2 days before the show, incl.a prof TV team filming it etc.

About Ian Lemmy's passing.So such a sad news about Ian Lemmy Taylor (Motorhead).Suffering from a long cancer,and died like 2 days ago.70 years old.Growing up with this band through my dad/family, and witness how the band grew, and how important it became for nowadays influences.''We are Motorhead...and play Rock and Roll'' is a slogan never to forget...Faster,Harder,Louder than everything else.Motorhead this year on Hellfest (2015).

Born to lose,live to win 1945-2015

28-12-2015 Latest update coming to Metalreleases for January 2016 
Really looking forward to BORKNAGAR 's 'Winter Thrice' ...some other great titles to watch out for...

Soon available in the Moonspell Rites Promotions shop! We had the great oppurtunity to purchase 2 of these fantastic mlp editions of the Belgian Slaughter Messiah,which comes as a 1-lp edition with a nice poster.

(Picture uploaded soon)
28-11-2015 Some awesome Soul Dissolution (feat.L'Hiver en Deuil membersnews: The album has been mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx Studio - for those who don't know him, he also mastered the latest record from Agalloch - The Official Page, among other things...

''It's a great feeling to be able to listen to this album in its final form, it sounds really awesome!
Now still some artwork to be done, and see if we can find an appropriate label to release it.'' 

One of the tracks is now also streaming on the MRP soundcloud page 

14-11-2015 Lemmy devasted by loss of  Phil 'Philthy' animal, as even 'Fast' Eddy Clarke showed his respect and condolences.Seems he missed the band awefully alot, as below you can see him perform one of the older classics.Read more:

23-10-2015 One of the best images captures of this U.S/by origin Denmark female artist.Last record inspired by the likes of old Ulver etc.feat.a Mayhem member,and recorded by GARM (ULVER).Amalie Bruun is a name to watch out for.The track appears on the album 'M' and has been released this year through Relapse records. 

Myrkur live at the Roskilde festival 2015

02-10-2015  Help us out! Promote the 1st for more details...
Added information: Metal Music Radiostations and Metal TV shows !!!
Want bands of the Moonspell Rites Promotions comp.booked for shows?Head for the following link to download the entire comp.  The featured bands: Hyperborean,Soul Dissolusion,Poisoned by Life,Ars Macabra,Leproseey,Slaughter Messiah,Malauriu,Bone Fragments,Dawn of a Dark Age,Principality of Hell,Paimonia,GROMM,Mass Hypnosis,Graveyard Ghoul,Dunnock,Edenkaiser,Spiritual Desecration,Serapheum,La-Ventura,Putrid Christ,Temple Koludra,Fathomhell,Barzakh,Obsidian Tongue,As Stormclouds Gather,Endlesshade,Kirkebrann,and more..
Some of the bands are actual open for TV interviews, or Metal radioshows.Just pm them through the easiest way, email or Facebook.


Really enjoyed yesterday evening with some 2 outstanding metalbands, namely Desolate Fields, which basically also got invited to 'Newcomers'at Metal Days,Slovenia.Picked up 7 copies of the Desolate Fields 2 track demo at their show, and if you want you can pick one along, just pm me for details. On the 6th of this month Moonspell Rites Promotions celebrated its 7!!!! anniversary ..hooray ...\\mm//

Desolate Fields official Facebook
Endymaeria official Facebook

All of the records are completely sold out.With a large thanks and help from Mr.Tony/Salute Recs.Sweden.

14-09-2015 Latest update concerning the free digital Moonspell Rites Promotions Comp.vol.2 download 'Darkened Shades Grown on Wintersoil'.

Check out for the latest news and updates, the notesection on Facebook.Ultimate 2015 More than over 30 tracks, and more than over two times eightie minutes of music.

11-09-2015 Some original Les Legion Noires (The Black Legions) patches got in last week through the Ukraine label Depressive IIlusions Records, and is completely sold out now from their side on.The original trademark and logodesign as they were put on the market.Pic.will be uploaded soon.

13-08-2015  The kickoff for the real Eggfest Open Air has started.The traditional location always should have been between the borders of the local towns of Eibergen,Neede/Achterhoek,Netherlands itself.With a large team of fanatics and the locals we hope we can achieve this.3 days,4 large markets,and 5 stages!

A flyer will be released in the near future.Bennie Jolink (and family)/Danny (and family)/Peter Tagtren/The German church,and the team of new fresh Metalheadies

08-08-2015 This is the ultimate Christian Varg Vikernes movie, and his habitats which he learned to grow up with in his childhood.Most of the time in his youth he grewed up in South Africa, as his father had his job obligations there.Here is the ultimate result, which turned ou to be a various side of his childhood, and life.Eventhrough sentenced to jail, and ended up in France spending time with his French GF, as being accused for an act of Terrorist deed.Right now he is free of trial again, and returned to Norway, hearing from the most recent rumors.Straight info. from Youtube.However, since it hasn't been released in DVD yet, and maybe never will...enjoy.

19-07-2015 Try and to check out Lilith's sleeping lair.However not of Moonspell Rites Promotions Wolfs lairs own taste, yet worth checking out.Each has a own path to follow in life, do yours...

Follow the next link to the ALCATRAZ festival on Facebook.

Confirmed bands: Nightwish,Trivium,W.A.S.P,Overkill,Queensryche,Moonspell,Death Angel,Carcass,Death (Official) and tons more.The presales are going very quick...

On the Social media Facebook site there was this discussion if it was dangerous practicing witchcraft like this.The answer is yes! If you don't have the right formulas for it.The formulas were given and spreaded around by friends under the early eighties/mid nineties phenomon Oystein Aarseth.(Mayhem,Burzum)

This is a ritual you won't surive, unless you have the right papers/books to make it succesful.-lavey.With the bite of the snake a verse will be spoken by a witch, and suffer a pain and die.Your soul will exist in the underworld for you to help your friends out in bands or careers.Necrophobic (Holland/Sweden,Under license Swedish Death Squad-IT from ABRUPTUM,Opthalamia) used it with their latest record, as it was a gypsy from Hengelo/Overijssel,Holland.(R.I.P)-May your soul find eternal peace in heaven-Died way too young (12 or 14 years young of age) 

Here is the frontcover of their latest record 'Womb of Lilithu'

Quite philosophical interview with Infestum for webzine (in russian).

Many more bands will be announced soon, so hurry up...

New Moonspell Rites Promotions patches coming up in the near future.The history of my hometown hides alot of unknown secrets, and abroad.Dark Occult Rituals 'til Witch trials.Contact me for more interest if you are interested in one of the patches.

The patches will be used for The true Eggfest>>Moonspell Rites Promotions.festival Opus I,which will take place hopefully next season.

Are you ready to rumble?Wacken Open Air Metal Battle.

26-06-2015  Finally in! The Moonspell Rites Promotions official tee.Fruit of the loom Heavyweight.Pre-order now with the size of you choice.Wash the shirt at  30 degrees for the best results.20$ With a big thanks to Tigerprint,Tilburg/Holland .

Ever read the history of Dante? It is really interesting material too read.Gustave Dore in general showed some real importance in the great arrows of history.Be it a large influence for France or the rest of the world. On of the designs 'The Reaper' showed itself on the frontcover of one of Norways most Black Metal influenced acts Emperor.

08-06-2015 New review online, and this time with a really legendary band.Breaking through already in 1995 with the demo ‘Mysterious Realms’ the band features well known artists from the Austrian Black  Metalscene namely Tharen (see also: Dargaard, Dominion III, Graumahd, Ex-Abigor, Ex-Heidenrich) Herr Wolf, Jorg Lanz (see also: Dominion III, Ex- Fall Time, Allerseelen, Der Blutharsch, Graumahd), and the well famous vocalist Silenius (see also: Kreuzweg Ost, Summoning, Ex-Cromm, Mirkwood (AUT), Shadow Vale, Ex-Abigor, Ex-DieVerbannten Kind Evas, Ex-Pazuzu).

Starting of with Demiurge, the first track of another masterpiece lasting 13:02, it immediately tells they still didn’t lost their skills.Brilliant epic songs with once again great atmospheres.Building quite the reputation through the years, and releasing  one brilliant record after the other, they returned again this year with another masterpiece, scoring a high rated review already of 95% out of the 100%.

Returning to the Middle Earth influences again, the rest of the record is so diverse that it can’t let you go.Great build up tracks, like we hear so much, that brings you to a great climax.What more is  to tell is that the reckonizable voice of Silenius once again sticks out with the rest of the bands who play in this sort of style.

The following track entitled ’358’ more...

Can't believe this individual basically deserved a statue.Must have been his high intelligence build up through all the ages.A warlock, professor or whatever you want too name it.The things discovered, has been warned for that it is dangerous, and should be practiced above the age of 18+

It also seems there is some high class Lavey merchandise on the market, and just released.

-Alright! It looks I got some really great feedback about the first free digital Moonspell Rites Promotions compilation.Thanks ExtremeUndergroundMusicZine! for the positive feedback !!!

Some words '' This is a review of a compilation released by the Moonspell Rites Promotions label called "Vol.1 Scorched  Earth" and we will review the tracks one by  one....'' So really worth the effort checking out, since there are more than 25 bands and 39 tracks.

21-05-2015 Here you can find the program back for Pinkpop Fest. 2015 which will take place at Landgraaf,Megaland/The Netherlands

Great new video of Paradise Lost entitled 'Beneath Broken Earth'.Go and check it out.Really in the vein of the early days.In the style of the 'Gothic' period.Really admire that they changed abit back to their old roots again.  Paradise Lost Official Facebook

15-05-2015 I am proud too announce that Forgotten Tomb (IT) will appear with 1 excl.track of their brandnew album 'Hurt Yourself, and the ones you love' on the next following Moonspell Rites Promotions compilation.Free digital download 'Darkened Shades Grown on Wintersoil'.

Last week  i got this great parcel in from Malin and Tony from SALUTE Records, Sweden.My thanks is great, as the trade was more than fair.The bands and their records can be found back on the Discogs Marketplace.

Some names: Luciferum Penis, Dub Buk,Valkyria, Moloch and more...
SALUTE! Recs. Official label/worldwide distro.

06-05-2015  ...looking forward to this one, after the 2 books.The one appearing in the English Subversion, and the other pre-one in the German version, coming in a special deluxe-edition.

'' According to Variety, Swedish film and music-video director Jonas Åkerlund (former BATHORY-drummer) will helm the English-language film "Lords Of Chaos", based on true events in the Norwegian black metal music scene in the early 1990s.
Rory Culkin ("Scream 4""Signs") and Caleb Landry Jones ("X-Men: First Class""Byzantium") are confirmed for leading roles in the adaptation of the scene-chronicling book "Lords Of Chaos: The Bloody Rise Of The Satanic Metal Underground", with further cast to be announced shortly'' 

additional note:17-08-2016

05-04-2015 The first bands have been confirmed for the 2nd upcoming Moonspell Rites Promotions compilation.

01.Atten Ash  (U.S)
02.Tomorrow Will Be Worse (IT/UK)
03.In My Shiver (IT)
04.Biasfirey (U.K)
05.Jolly Good Company (NL)
06.The Coons (NO)
08.Mortal Scepter( FR)
09.Enmachined (Bangl)
11.Decline of the I (FR)
12.Biasfirey (U.K)
13.infestum (Belarus,White RUS)
14.Dawn of Apocalypse (SE)
17.Sorrows Path (GR)

Hello everyone,

Hereby i want to give you all a free download link to the first Moonspell Rites Promotions compilation entitled 'Scorched Earth', for bands to crush stages all over the world.That's the best thing to offer, and hope you all be so fanatic enough to at least take one band along, and introduce them to your local venue, or festival organisation.More than over 25 bands, and 39! tracks!!! Free digital download which comes with a front and backcover,plus some extras.
Total support for Radio Metal Sound

Moonspell Rites Promotions is proud to tell that one of the reviews also appeared on the bandsite of Tears Of Martyr. scoring a 96/100

Seems our good friends of Mass Hypnosis released a new single.Visit the brandnew video here:

Well, it is always nice to get positive feedback coming to a release, and hearing it also from one of the DJ''s themselves made the day. thanks Phill WsrDJ

03-03-2015  All Metal Fest. has a major update on their site.Go and check it out, and find out where your favorite band(s) gonna play this year.

The festival for this year is already completely sold-out.However you can always visit ticketsales sites or Social Medias.Visit the following link for the ultimate lineup. 

Dodenkrocht-Misery Chords lp Now also available in the Moonspell Rites Promotions store 35,-Euro excl.shipping Dutch Doomed Black Metal feat. a Manes cover (Only 2 copies available) feat. an Onheil member.Visit also the MRP Bigcartel shop.

- Dates for eventual ARS MACABRA (IT)shows  have been confirmed, as good as....Dates: Sept./October 2015.  contact the band through their Official Facebook page for more details

Under The Black Sun Fest.2015/Germany:

-10-02-201New interview online Dimenzion:Psychosphere (feat. Ex-Trail of Tears member)

 Moonspell Rites Promotions promovideo 2015 for the upcoming free digital download compilation pt.2 which will appear early November.Pt.1 still is available for free download  by following the next link.
NOTE: I am proud too announce that EDENKAISER(Spain) will be featured again as one of the bands on the next compilation with a track of their upcoming album.(feat.ex-Venom member Tony 'The Demolition Man' Dolan)

Metaldays 2015(formely known as Metalcamp) will take place like every past years in Tolmin,Slovenia.Head for the following link to view the rest of the info.

W.a little 'heads up'from my side on to  Svartravn of Mysticum  introducing Infestum.A full interview with Infestum and Mysticum in one zine. \m/

Lacerated Enemy Records :

- You now also can download the Malauriu ep for free on
1 of the tracks is also featured on the Moonspell Rites Promotions Comp.Vol.1

13-01-2015 The legendary Gothic/Metal band AUTUMN will perform with some exclusive shows this year.They also will perform at the P3,Purmerend/Holland together with Kingfisher and Eve's Fall on the 22/05/2015 Get your tickets on the evening of the show 

-Check out this latest video.Kirkebrann(Feat.a Svikt member): Incoming.Taken from the album:Når Alt Dør! (2013)Black Metal from Norway.Copyrights: Kirkebrann/Blackcrowned Record 

08-01-2015 Blastfest.Norway!2015!!!The years starts off with some killerfests already this year.Go and check them out...

Official facebook

Be there! High quality bands for a decent price.WOLFSTHRONE Fest. FRANCE!

01-01-2015 This is a most recent new label runned by Helvraet and Paradox called Symptoms of Reality,based in Enschede/Holland.Enjoy what they have to offer. Besides that I also did a past interview with Paradox about his bands, and projects.… Head for the following link for the interview W.The Co-Creator

-Melkor their freshnew full length debut is out now! 1 track also is featured on the Moonspell Rites Promotions free digital compilation. Feat.ex-Nocte Obducta member !!!  

Don't wanna hear about a top 10 here for over 2014, since i really payed loyal attention to the bands who welcomed MRP with open arms for a review,and interview.Coming close to the most original artwork for over 2014 i have to settle with Graveyard Ghoul from Germany.

Onielar (Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult)her new stage appearance(?).

Seems Onielar changed her stage appearance into the style of a bat ?Looks really renewed with the clothing and the fitting bassguitar.

08-11-2014 Well,expect ALOT of diversity on the next digital release of Moonspell Rites Promotions. The Coons(NO)accepted my invite to emanicipate on the 2nd edition,which of course will be again for free download. Go and check them out folks.

-A new shirt is in the planning.This is a testpress.For the ones interested,i can order custom made sized ones.Design.Small pocketprint on front.

Moonspell Rites Promotions TS(black)/Size:custom made.Pre-order.Ask for info.+shipping.Only frontsize.Pocketprint.
Ask for details.

-Latest review online,with this time the German Black Metal act ASCENSION.Go and check it out..

-In search for locations for your band to play a show?This is the best database coming to clubs/bars/venues all over the world.

12-10-2014 Finally!!!The first release after more than six years!A 39!!! track digital compilation from bands all over the globe.Follow the next link to head for the download,and view the promovideo that came something like a month before that.

11-10-2014 Melkor(GE) confirmed as last and final band for the Moonspell Rites Promotions compilation.The band exists out mastermind Patrick Baumann,and has build up quite a name,known for his duties in the well known German band Nocte Obducta(being active with this band for almost 2 years) for example.Go and check them out.

06-10-2014 Poisoned by life(U.S) featured on the Moonspell Rites Promotions compilation will release an ultra limited edition which comes as a single featuring a  cover of a classic Dax Riggs tune.

'' We're excited to announce that tomorrow evening we will be unveiling our first collector's single. It consists of fifteen minutes of brand new material, including two original tracks and a cover of a classic Dax Riggs tune. The digital version will be available for download on October 7th, and the CD version will come just a few weeks after that. The pressing will be extremely limited!'' PBL

-Short update coming to the compilation.Seems there is some demand also from bands outside the MRP interview/review sections.In matter of fact it only got positive feedback so far for being a free digital download.Really satisfied about it so far.At this stage it has become so far we in fact wrapping the things up with last band arrivels.Close to 30 !!! tracks in total....

-This is a short promovideo for the upcoming Moonspell Rites Promotions compilation which will appear online and for free download.Bands who will be featured on it are for example Slaughter Messiah,Soul Dissolusion,Ars Macabra and many..many more.More than 22 tracks,and 10 bands!!!

All bands are related someway or another coming to interviews and/or reviews.

All tracks on the compilation are used with kind permission of the bands/labels.Thanks for the approval by some of the labels i had to ask nicely first.

-Politically incorrect(?)

Straight from the Agonia newsletter.German politician apologises DEN SAAKALDTE for false accusations.

Political member of the centre-left German party SPD, Ralf Hofman, has publicly apologized to - amongst other artists - DEN SAAKALDTE, for his false false accusations concerning band's alleged involvement in the so colled "right-wing scene", with regards to the band's appearance at the Norwegian Hellcamp in Schweinfurt this October.

The whole incident was originally and wrongly ignited by Antifa, and brought to the attention of Schweinfurt's local authorities (including Ralf Hofman), in order to ban the Norwegian Hellcamp Festival in October (more in this topic can be read in the German eiditon of Rolling Stone Magazine, here).

Eventually, after consulting credible independent sources, Mr. Hofman decided to apologize and admit that his suspicions were incorrect and drwan from unreliable authors.

His full statement:
"My call for the ban of the concert at Stadthalle on October 4th has caused some outrage in social media. At this point, I have been given access to sources and people who are competent on the subject and the bands, such as the webzine

At the core of the matter, it seems to be the case that our original source exaggerated some facts. I have to blame myself for what happened as I disregarded the central tenet of journalism to have at least two independent sources. But I am neither a journalist nor a full time politician, and doing volunteer work only, these things are not always easy.

The bands that will play on October 4th in Schweinfurt have elements of their show that can be considered tasteless / in bad taste. But the extremist background I suspected is apparently not there at all.

Thus, I withdraw the call for a ban".
In response, the members of DEN SAAKALDTE commented:

"Stop this bullshit! Our members, our lyrics and what we represent as a band has not a single thought even, being mixed with either left - centre - right political ideas....never has -never will!!
We give a SHIT for politics and LEAVE US OUT OF THIS GOD DAMN THING!".

For more news visit:
Band's facebook:

-At this moment Moonspell Rites Promotions is working on a compilation featuring bands which it co-operated with in interviews and reviews.

Currently the compilation exists out of 17 tracks,from Death,Black to Thrash Metal.Underground above ground is a thing MRP always lived up to,and so with this first release.

Confirmed bands are GROMM (UKR),Hyperborean (SWE),Soul Dissolution(BE)Feat.- L'Hiver en Deuil members,Leproseey(POL),Poisoned By Life(U.S),Ars Macabra(IT),Principality Of Hell (GR)Feat.Necromantia,Dodsferd and Nadiwrath members,Slaughter Messiah(BEL)

Releasedate:Early december.

The compilation will be available for free download,and comes with a front and backcover.

Danny/Moonspell Rites Promotions

11-09-2014 The last show of U.S Metal Messiah radio features an exclusive interview with Lord Sabathan (Ex-Enthroned) Slaughter Messiah.By clicking on the link below you can visit the podcast version for the  Europeans who missed the show out.

06-09-2014 Today on the 6th of September 2008 Moonspell Rites Promotions was to set sail.This is the very first video i did myself for the Swedish band CHAINSAWTAN,with back then in a 2-man lineup.Their demo '' Demon'' (available in the FoS mp.3 shop)got also picked up by the Norwegian ''Forces Of Satan Recs.'' runned by Roger Tiegs (Infernus-GORGOROTH) Nowadays the band features members known for their works in bands such as Lifelover,Hypothermia etc.

-As some of you already might know,MRP is currently working on a compilation on which bands will appear all connected someway in interviews or reviews in the past.From what I can tell it has some damn fine names confirmed already.Think of bands such as PAIMONIA,Soul Dissolution(BE)Feat.- L'Hiver en Deuil members,Slaughter Messiah(BE)Feat.L.Sabathan(Ex-Enthroned),and many..many more...over more than 15 bands with some providing even more than one track.Keep track of this.The final releasedate is early December,and for free download (comes with front and backcover)



L'Hiver En Deuil U.K mini-tour october 2014.

The Belgian Black Metal act L'Hiver En Deuil will hit England soil soon,doing a mini tour in October.

-Maryland Deathfest.2015

Maryland Deathfest takes place every year on Baltimore soil.



All ticket options will go on sale next Friday, September 5th at 3 pm (EST). This includes 4 day passes for all venues, 3 day passes for each of the venues, and single day tickets for each of the days/venues. 


The 4 day pass and all Soundstage tickets (particularly Saturday at Soundstage) will be the first options to sell out.PRICES will be advertised when we post the ticket link for you to bookmark at least a few days before Sept. 5th.

A limited amount of VIP TICKETS for Edison Lot will also be available on September 5th.

Official Facebook

-A interview with L.SABATHAN from the Belgian Blackened Thrashers Slaughter Messiah expected soon broadcasted you by Metal Messiah Radio...write it down in your agenda

-Moonspell Rites Promotions on Bandcamp.Buy now the 2002 'Darkest Temptations' MCD by As Stormclouds Gather

-On Sept.6th 2008  Moonspell  Rites Promotions was about to set  sail.Now on Sept.6th 2014 it will celebrate it’s 6th anniversary.

6 years of glorious and non glorious times visiting some great highlights in the Metalscene,and some really sad,less beautiful moments.One of those highlights for me personally was to to see this really die hard Underground Black Metal band from Denmark grow into nowadays one of the more well known acts in the Black Metal Underground,namely BLODARV.

Besides being a witness of this band evolving there of course was also a giant movement from the US side on,with for example seeing an old movement there being active again nowadays,namely US Black metal Sect.Hopefully (and am sure of it) more great things will be happening in the near future..’til then…Read the biography by following the next link...

-Endlesshade(Ukraine) inks deal with Naturmacht Prods.Germany.

The Ukraine Blackened Doom Metal band Endlesshade inked a deal with the German Naturmacht Productions to release their debut.The release can be expected in spring 2015.

-BiasFirey also posted the review about their latest record ''Hundred Thousand Souls'' on their Official website.  

'' A very flattering album review from Danny B. Raven of Moonspell Rites Promotions'' .Thank you BiasFirey!

-Straight from the Cult Never Dies newsletter. Black Metal:Prelude to the Cult.Written by Dayal Patterson.

-Not only scores the new ONHEIL record high points in reviews...Onheil features of course the drummer TERGER of DODENKROCHT in the ranks.

'Our rehearsal place for the upcoming weeks. It's huge!'

-Now available at the Moonspell Rites Promotions store.As Stormclouds Gather their 2002 MCD Darkest Temptations.GERMAN BLACK METAL at it's best!

You also still get yourself a copy through Perverted Taste Recs.But will cost you some couple of bucks more(your choice)12.50 euros excl.shipping

-Today the Metalworld received the sad news Tristessa died of leukemia.She was a well known figure in the underground Black Metal scene with the band ASTARTE.What made this band special is that it was the first all-female band from Greece who actually made a real breakthrough in the international scene,and brought forth some excellent records.Besides that the band had a big privilege working together with all-star musicians such as Shagrath(Dimmu Borgir).Tristessa(Maria) died of the age of 37.

-Follow live streams of complete shows of WACKEN OPEN AIR 2014 here:

Carcass live @ wacken Open Air 2014

Children of Bodom  full live set Wacken Open Air 2014

-Hails Everyone,

I was asked by my good friend Dalamar(Vocalist for the very popular mid 90's Black Metal band As Stormclouds Gather) if there are interested buying up their MCD 'Darkest Temptations'' from 2002.There are still 120 copies left.Contact me for the exact price (8,- euros excl.shipping) and info.If not interested,maybe your friends are.Tell them,and spread the word.

The band is now also in the stage working on new material after many,many years of hibernation.


-The Danish Black Metal formation BLODARV formation just released a new video 'Moon Gazer' for their new  upcoming 7''.

More information,and how to purchase the record:

-Here you find a list back of most of the radiostations around the globe  The purpose?Ask them to promote your band on their station.

-Nothing to do with the holidays? Here you find a list back from all over the world coming to Metalbars  and clubs.

-Soul Dissolution (BE)-Cold rays and Grey waves CD-R 2014

Eventhrough the main band L'Hiver en Deuil ,and this be a side project(studio project) ,the somberness in the music puts down more a stamp on the vibe than their main act L’Hiver en Dueil ...READ MORE...

''Unsigned bands want air play?Send us your mp.3 to ''

-Support!The Metal Detector Music Promotions.

-Wanna be as band on the T Shirt Slayer radioshow for an interview?The only thing you have to do is sign up at T shirt slayer (at least one member),and fill in the form to apply.

-Principality Of Hell(GR)-Fire & Brimstone CD 2014 (LP version expected in later stage of 2014)
Well,well,well.What you can expect here is a total tribute to the early eighties Heavy Metal/Black Metal period in the vein of Venom,Destruction,Bathory,Celtic Frost and all of the heroes from that age.Everyone who is known with Necromantia and Thou art Lord know they build up a quite well known reputation,with the Magus(Necromantia/Thou Art Lord) handling the vocals (screams) and the bassguitar.With this the 3 format lineup release an excellent debut! El(Guitars) and J.Maelstrom(Nadiwrath,Thou Art Lord,Dodsferd and many..many other bands)
The surprising thing is,normally with bands like this the production stays really lo-fi to capture the essence of this specific period.However,in this case it sounds really refreshing.May it be the tuned instruments,and the more...

-If you play in a Heavy/Metal band don't hesitate to contact me to  get you on stage.Same goes for venues.Meeting up with some great acts already like the Dutch Gothic band  La Ventura,and the Turkish Gothic Force RISEBACK!Both really breaking through in the international scene... 


Moonspell Rites Promotions will have a midsummer break coming to interviews and reviews.However will be more or less active on Facebook.Keep on sending your mp.3 promopackages and physical copies this way for reviews/interviews.

Have a great holiday all,


Danny/Moonspell Rites Promotions


-Principality of Hell(GR)-Fire & Brimstone CD 2014 (LP version expected in later stage of 2014)

Well,well,well.What you can expect here is a total tribute to the early eighties Heavy Metal/Black Metal period in the vein of Venom,Destruction,Bathory,Celtic Frost and all of the heroes from that age.Everyone who are known with Necromantia and Thou art Lord know they build up a quite well known reputation,with the Magus(Necromantia/Thou Art Lord) handling the vocals (screams) and the bassguitar.With this the 3 format lineup release an excellent debut! El(Guitars) and J.Maelstrom(Nadiwrath,Thou Art Lord,Dodsferd and many..many other bands)
The surprising this is,normally with bands like this the production stays really low-fi to capture the essence of this specific period..READ MORE...

-Try to catch a live show of them.Only positive feedback from the liveshows on which they performed!

SLAUGHTER MESSIAH!!!(Feat.Lord Sabathan-formely vocalist/bassist in ENTHRONED)  Danny/Moonspell Rites Promotions

-New interview online,with this time Paimonia from Serbia.

-Released through Odium Records,recorded at NWH Studio and Mastered by the well known Necromorbus Studio,Sweden.


-It has been silent at the front coming to interviews while focussing on reviews alone.Moonspell Rites Promotion did an interview with Paimonia (SERBIA).Expect being released on humanity really soon..Danny/Moonspell Rites Promotions

Merrimack from France and Mayhem on 2014 European tour.

-The Obsidian Tongue review now also can be found back at the Hypnotic Dirge Records website
-A new review is online with Obsidian Tongue from the United States and their 2013 record,feat.guest appearance of an AGALLOCH member.Go and check the section out.A new section is online entitled 'Gallery' which i am trying to catch the same atmosphere as for example Full Moon Productions did.

Obsidian Tongue(US)

-Alright.The last reviews has been done,making free space for other bands coming to reviews/interviews.Interested?From Gothic to pure Underground Metalforces!

Reviews pt.I
Reviews pt.II

Send the material in high mp.3 quality or a  
physical version of the record with a small biography to the email address below

Moonspell Rites Promotions on Soundcloud

Get a track of your band also on the list!as on the Youtube channel .Email for a review

-New Lunar Aurora(GE) merchandise available at Cold Dimension Recs. Rereleases of the classics ...'Of Stargates'...'Ars Moriendi'. 'Elixer of Sorrow'.DCD/Shirts soon available! 

'Lunar Aurora re-releases out in April!
Eventually we present you 3 albums of Lunar Aurora which have been out of stock since ages:
CD versions will be available in the end of April 2014.
LP versions and T-Shirts shall arrive in May 2014.'

-Propast(Serbia)will contribute a cover to the Celtic warriors from Polen namely Graveland entitled  'A tribute to Graveland II' with the track 'Thurisaz'.The song can be found on their demo(last track) released through Misanthropic Intolerance

-LA-Ventura(Gothic/Rock) review featured on their own website.Go and check it out.

-Soon available!at Moonspell Rites Promotions !!!
I ordered 4 copies of this brilliant masterpiece,which has been released by the Italian label Bylec-Tum  as taperelease incl.2 bonustracks! exclusive Emperor cover. Pre-order NOW!!!Shop Mail before order anything,at the following address: The orders will be shipped from The Netherlands.

-Now available for free download! Amenaza De Muerte -Deathcoast (2014) ep

Great Deathcore here!

Official Facebook

-Temple Koludra(GE/SE) released this self-financed mcd in late  2013 which comes as a special lim.edition with a bonus 7'' incl.2 exclusive tracks.Order it straight through the band .Style:Dark Ambient/Religious Black Metal

-Coming up soon!An interview with the Polish musician Agnieszka Stram.For some maybe known by her bands/projects Morderisk Ensomhet and Zataroph.Stay tuned..

-Hehehe little bit of scetching here Moonspell Rites Promotions est.Sept.06.08 If there is anybody out there who can help me out creating a comic figure of this 'wolf' idea,would be much appreciated.It's the intention to use it more quite often,just for the likes of it.Help with it would be much appreciated.

-New reviews coming up.Abnabak(BM) from Morocco,and Seal of Solomon(Turkey) 

-The Moonspell Rites Promotions playlist on Youtube has been recently updated with clips from bands recently reviewed.

-New review online.This time with Blackened DM band Serapheum(US).Scoring a 79/100.

-New review online.Grethor(US)scoring a 94/100.Go and check it out in the review section ... and

-Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2013:

-'Up for some dealing'?New cards are in...Pm me if you want some copies for your distro.or simply just to spread around.

-For Metalfestivals all over the world!Head for  ALL METALFEST.

-New reviewpage is up.Go and have a look...

-New visitcards are on the way.Mail me if interested to spread them around.Also the online version can be used to spam around.Thanks in advance. D./MRP

-New DODENKROCHT review up with this time Occult Black Metal Zine

-Currently in search for reviewwriters.

We're always in search for bands,and doing interviews/reviews with.Currently all help is wished with writing the reviews.we work non profit,so there is no money involved,but the credits and free music of course.
Another thing we ask in reviews is to make a deep review with pointing out some details in the music/vocals.

Thanks in advance.

In behalf of Moonspell Rites Promotions


-MRP stands for the passion of music.We don't care about politics,nor religion for that matter.

-One of my alltime favorite bands has returned,and are featured in latest edition of Terrorizer (see frontcover:Ihsahn/Emperor)

-Vote for 'Bleed on Wednesday' for a upcoming  European tour contest called 'Vans Warped Tour 2013' .Read all about it by following the next link:

Official Facebook page

BOW on Soundcloud

-On the 6th of this month Moonspell Rites Promotions exists for more over 5 years!Time to raise a glass then to past and future colleagues,friends and partners!Raising the banner of Metal since 6th.sept.2008 \\mm// :D

-The Dutch Doom/Funeral Black Metal band Dodenkrocht got a really good review last week,which was done by 'Two Guys Metal Reviews'.Go and check it out by following the link below.

- Reprinted version of 2002 debut album entitled 'The Shadow's Madame'from cult Italian band
CADAVERIA,remastered edition with different artwork.Releasedate July 16th,2013

-Cadaveria 2013-

Order: Black Tears Distro.

-The current promotion on Facebook is going rather well,meeting up with some people in reallife,and hearing they were pleased and all.However the plans for MPR to release something proper has delayed due financial reasons.However,if MRP will release something,it will be mostlikely a lp release or a lim.edition CD version,with a very special lay-out.All in all,you will notice it yourself on Social Media forms,or Twitter.'til then...

-Find us on Facebook. and

-After a period of silence we are back to bring you the most promising stuff in all forms of Metal and in between.There won't be drastic changes,but we are only looking ahead instead of going backwards.With this also new members will be involved helping out with reviews etc.So be prepared and be sure checking this site out once and a while.The Underground scene of course still  will be fully supported,as more well known names will show up.

Bands can send their demo/promo to the following Email address:

Besides this we are also in search for sponsors.For donations,please follow the following link below,in order to bring out some great releases,and other activities.Support the underground!

-The organisation of Forlorn Fest. put up a real killer lineup for this year's edition,with Swedish BM pioneers Marduk headlining the event!For more info./details: or

- Currently i am selling some Black Metal shirts/longsleeves (all in size XL) from my own private collection.Some of them being sold out for a really long period of time.
By interest sent an email to:

Too view them follow this link

(Shippingcosts are for the buyer)

- Mass Hypnosis (Croatia)

Mass Hypnosis is an Excellent Death Metal/Dark Industrial band from Croatia,with small hints to bands like early In Flames,and innovative styled Metal influences,combined with blastbeats and with amazing bombastic parts...Don't let this band pass by you!

Check out Mass Hypnosis review (scroll totally down the page,and you can find them there)

Right now Mass Hypnosis is in search for shows,for over the border of Croatia to promote the new full length album entiteld 'Sanctimonious'.

For booking/info.

Currently the Dutch Atmospheric Funeral/Black Metal band Dodenkrocht is in search for a recorddeal,to re-release the 2007 SOLD OUT!!!demo CD-R 'Zwijgend als het graf' (Silent as the grave) on prof.CD or Vinyl edition.

Moonspell Rites Promotions on Soundcloud: